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Professional Brokerage

We offer you the best properties according to your judgment, in a fast, simple and effective way. We take care of the necessary steps that are needed from the owner, client or tenant so that all parts have the certainty that the real estate operation is in the best hands. It also includes weekly information of the property in sale or rent, monitoring the negotiation, legal or contractual issues and the personalized advice in all the specific areas of the operation. All with rigor and the utmost discretion.

Reformation & Interior Design

We know that for many clients the reforms in a property is more of a problem than something to look forward to. If this is the case and you need to perform a small project with a small reform, don’t hesitate to contact us without compromise. We take care of the project, appropriate licenses if necessary, negotiations with the company that perform works with closed budget, delivery time and possible incidents, therefore you just have to choose between the options offered and make important decisions. In conclusión, we channel the whole project so that the results are perfect, always by your side and following your suggestions.

Real Estate Investment

The key to a good investment is to analyze coldly the accounting issues in either residential buildings, hotels for sale or management, offices or comercial premises. With objectivity and thoroughness we will help you to compare the different offers that arrive in our portfolio, guiding you in all the variables that are important in order to consider if the property is profitable. We will comment the costs, the rent, IPC updates, taxes, price, etc… also, if it is possible to “leverage in operation” or not, assess their potential and the risks and decide with reliable data. Only then, you will have the certainty to choose which investment fits better to your needs and requirements.

Relocation Service

Aside from offering you the best property to buy or rent, we offer you advice in finding any type of service such as, looking for schools, kindergarten, holiday camps, health centers, legal and logistic solutions, leisure and sports centers, etc. All so that you can decide with more criteria.

Land & Architecture

If your objective is to build your own ideal house, we also offer our services in architecture and construction, starting with the fundamental: the design of the project of architecture and look for the best plot according to your criteria, together with the architect will design the project and the detailed budget for the construction of your house.

Monitoring & After Sales

We think that our customer relationship should not end after the signature of the operation and the subsequent settlement of our professional fees. We guarantee that everything will be resolved, any detail that could even happen when we finish our relationship. We know there could be questions of any kind to tune up the property acquired so we offer you our professional support to solve any problems. This is a very important point in our service of high-quality.

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